28 Ağustos 2007 Salı

Albert Collins - Too Many Dirty Dishes

Too many dirty dishes in the sink for just us two
I said, too many dirty dishes in the sink for just us two
You got me wonderin' baby
Who's makin' dirty dishes with you?
I get up an' go to work in the mo'nin'
I come right home at night
When I leave the sink is empty
When I come back home
She got 'em stacked up out of sight
Too many dirty dishes in the sink just for us two
Well you got me wonderin' baby,
Who's makin' dirty dishes with you?
Look at this kitchen!
Pots an' pans, ev'rywhere, it's pitiful!
Look at all these glasses layin' all up on the sink!
Looks like she even had a party up in here, too
You wait 'til I see this woman, when she get home
That glass over there, got a cigar in it or sump'in
I don't smoke no cigar
Um, servin' caviar
I don't eat no caviar
What's wrong with this woman?
All these pots in here, gonna run me some water right here
Yeah now, you wait 'til I see this woman when she get home
Pots 'n pans all stacked up here
There's a pot, let me scrap this pot out
Oh it's pitiful an' I don't know why this woman come an' have a party
When I'm at work
Gettin' all this stuff under my fingernails,
Run some more water in here
Yeah, now I can wash these glasses out, wash them up first
Yeah, that's pretty clean now, though
Now I got all this, now I gotta work on these pots a little bit more
Makes me so mad, I don't know what to do
Thought I was her husband, 'stead a maid!
Like ol red chili or somethin' all done got dried up on all these pots
She never fix me none of this good food!
You wait 'til that woman get home, I'm scrappin' all these pots for her)
I've done your dirty dishes
How much am I suppose to take?
When I left I had corn flakes for breakfast
Now there's a bone from a T-bone steak
Too many dirty dishes in the sink for just us two
You've got me wonderin' baby
Who in the hell is makin' dirty dishes with you?

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