28 Ağustos 2007 Salı

Alastis - Another God

Everyone knows me
Everyone loves me
Everyone dreads me
Everyone respects me

Soulless, maybe a wizard
Free from... I`m just another god

Everyone knows him
Close at hand shades... a real presence
So far at the stars, behind this closed door
A sensation! The presence which gets away

Soulless, maybe crazy
Free from... I`m just another... god !

I don`t have my own existence
But alone I respond to more than a thousand names
I`ve never appeared physically
But they`ve portrayed me under multiple appearances
Nestled in your unconscious
I`m born with the night, your night
From your obscurest thoughts
I stand out... master or fiend

I`m born with the night
I stand out mirror of your nightmares
I`m born with your night
Ecstasy`s angel, the Reign of Terror

I can exhaust my soul
I can deride your pride
I`m free from all beliefs
I`m just another god

Everyone knows him
Everyone loves him
Everyone dreads him
Everyone respects him
Soulless, maybe crazy
Free from, I`m just another god!

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